Paine College Clubs and Organizations

Campus Organizations

Student organizations exist to support the overall objectives of the College. Operating on the basis of voluntary participation and self-government, student organizations are an integral part of the College community, and as such are obligated to contribute to the scholastic attainment and general development of the individual student. Student organizations offer the individual an opportunity to broaden his/her environment. Skills and experience obtained through membership in student organizations serve as a valuable supplement to the formal curriculum. Studies confirm that students benefit greatly from being involved in a campus organization. An active, involved student is a successful student. Through participation in activities and clubs, students can compliment the classroom curriculum with out-of-class related experiences, form relationships with other students with similar interests, and develop mentor relationships with faculty and staff, and utilize life skills such as decision making, planning, critical thinking, and more. Student organizations help create a sense of community and spirit on campus.

Categories of Registered Student Organizations


An organization whose stated objective is to provide an opportunity for individuals to discuss and share information related to a specific academic discipline, topic or interest. These organizations provide opportunities to get to know other students in your program of choice as well as getting to know the faculty members outside of the classroom. You will be exposed to opportunities for networking and leadership development. In addition, the Academic category includes Honor organizations whose memberships are based on academic achievement, and whose purposes are to recognize such. These groups must hold meetings and sponsor events throughout the year as well as initiation ceremonies. These Honor societies function like other student organizations.

  • Business Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Rotaract
  • S.I.F.E.
  • Sociology Club
  • Spanish Club
  • History Club
  • Honors Program
  • Georgia Association of Educators
  • Student Government Association


An organization whose purpose is to provide a place for members to discuss issues relevant to them, to express their interest in a given subject, to serve as a support group for students on campus or a group off campus, or a group interested in advancing social issues that concern the college and the community.

  • Crème de la Crème Models
  • Commuter Student Association
  • Expressions
  • Freshman Class
  • Sophomore Class
  • Junior Class
  • Senior Class
  • Wesley Fellowship
  • Pre-Alumni Council
  • RHA


Starting a New Organization

Students wishing to start a new student organization must do the following:

1. Discuss plans with the Director of Student Activities before meeting as an organized group, writing a constitution or planning organization activities.

2. The Director will work with an organization to identify existing student organization that may meet students' needs or help the students to develop the appropriate documentation to support successful completion of the recognition process.

3. New student organizations must meet and follow the regulations that govern student organizations.

4. The Director of Student Activities and the Vice President of Student affairs will review the proposed organization's student organization packet, constitution and/or bylaws for approval.

5. The Director of Student Activities will notify the organization of the final action in writing.

Note: The approval process usually takes at least 7 business days, however the process may take longer. During that time the activities of the new student organization will be limited to meeting and membership drives. No other activities, solicitation, or programs will be allowed until final approval has been granted.


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